About Us


Terrier Firma was borne out of a lifelong love for animals, particularly companion animals, and the desire to acknowledge them for all they do to improve our lives so selflessly before, and after they have been called to change address.
We are family owned and operated and our mission is to provide our customers with quality, customised products with the best possible customer service.

Our Products

Our Pet range was the first to be conceptualised, and following on from that it became evident that personalisation and unique gifts work for people too!
All of the products showcased can be personalised to your requirements, so should there not be an option that speaks to your desire, please do not hesitate to give us a call or pop us an email and we will work together to provide you with your ultimate product.  Personalised products typically ship within two weeks of a confirmed order.

Our Family

Human and furry!  Bev, strongly supported by husband, Linton, is the designer and manufacturer.  She has a degree in Architecture and spent 12 years working in the Concrete Industry promoting the use of concrete as an Architectural finish.  Following her passion for animals she studied Dog and Cat Behaviour and Animal Assisted Activities and now volunteers her time in Animal Assisted Therapy Programmes at various institutions.  Pat, Bev’s biggest fan (and Mother!) works tirelessly marketing and promoting the business along with children Byron and Jessica.  Constantly by her side are her furry kids, Berkeley and Emma, and waiting at their new address for them, Tatty and Skye, the inspiration behind Terrier Firma.