Laying out a Family Photo Wall

Well, I have seen so many beautiful photo walls on Pintrest, that after repainting our family room I decided to do my own slightly more eclectic version than the lovely modern ones I am typically drawn to.  For me it’s all about working with what you’ve got.

Pic wall 1

So these are the tools I used:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Newspaper Ads ( the glossy ones) or brown paper
  • Scissors
  • Spirit level
  • Prestick (Blutac)
  • Hilti type tool
  • Hammer

Since the family has a Irish connection, I cut the word “family” out in a Celtic Font and spray painted it Matt Black, to be at the centre of the display.

I started by measuring out an area on the floor the same size as the wall area where all the photos were to end up, gathering all the photos in their unique frames and arranging them on the floor until I felt I had a mix and sequence that worked for me!

Pic Wall 2

Once I was happy with this I cut out pieces of paper the same size as each frame.  (Try not to use normal newpaper – the black print tends to come off on your hands and on the walls) Next step was to invert all the pictures and mark on the matching piece of paper, where the hook needed to be in relation to the top of the picture.

Then it was off to the family room to position the word “family” in the centre to use as a starting point.

Pic wall 3

Prestick in hand and one by one I stuck the pieces of paper to the wall, corresponding to layout I had on the floor in the room next door.

Pic wall 4

Having marked on the paper where the hooks needed to be positioned I engaged the assistance of my husband after realising I did not have the strength to get one of those picture hooks into the wall myself!  Together we eventually got all the hooks in place and then all that was left was to hang the pictures and ensure they were all level with the use of the spirit level.

Pic Wall 5

Now as soon as we have the new crate unit for Berkeley and Emma, I will be making the opposite wall a picture wall for the furry side of the family!

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